Tricks To Attract Women

* Show up!

You’ve got to get out of the house. Make a plan, Stan. Take out your calendar, call your friends, and commit to going places. When you make agreements, the odds are that you will keep them.

* Be friendly.

If you feel shy or socially awkward, you need to practice talking to strangers. Go to the mall and find an agreeable looking guy you don’t know. Ask him a question. Repeat this process over and over. This technique works! Then, when you get to a social setting, scan the room for an interesting woman, get near her, and ask her a question. If you like her, keep talking.

* Grooming Counts.

Women like men who are clean, well groomed, and who smell good. Your aftershave should not shout when you enter a room, but a faint masculine scent is appealing. Clean nails, hands, hair, and clothes are necessary. Go through your wardrobe and ask a woman friend what looks good on you.

*There’s magic in your eyes!

Women are drawn to men who look them in the eyes when they talk. But here is a major secret few people know, told to me by an expert colorist: wear something the color of your eyes and notice how people are attracted to you. Actually, the eyes have many shades of colors. Identify what they are exactly and then choose clothing that matches one of those colors. My client wore a shirt the color of green in his eyes and he became irresistible!