Don’t Be Too Grateful

Here’s an example: A woman (let’s call her Audrey) starts dating a guy (let’s call him Doug). Doug is by far the most handsome guy she’s ever dated. In fact, he’s the first guy she’s dated in quite some time. She can’t believe her good fortune because, in the looks-oriented world we live in, Audrey has been told she’s lacking. She figures she hit the jackpot with Doug.

Her friends can’t believe her luck. Heck, her own parents can’t believe her luck.

And Doug is really, really nice. He’s nice to Audrey about 85{e82d9d590e8a374703d2458ead8716ad09c78aa7ad1817c15c4470985c6f801f} of the time. Sure, he asks to borrow her car a lot. He doesn’t always show up when he says he will. He goes out with the boys more often than he does with her. She’s caught him in a couple of lies.

But so what! Who cares if sometimes he’s a bad boy? Most of the time, he’s great. Doug makes Audrey feel special (most of the time). He makes her feel beautiful (most of the time). Hey, he’s a guy, and he’s good looking. She’s just grateful she has a boyfriend.

There are too far many women like Audrey on this planet, and they send me the saddest letters. They get taken for a ride (sometimes in their own cars), and eventually end up picking themselves out of a ditch while Prince Charming moves on to his next victim.

I personally know two guys who consistently date Audreys precisely because they’re “grateful.” I firmly believe the world is full of wonderful men, but there exists a certain breed of loser who target women that suffer from poor self-images. The goal is to take such women for all they’re worth.