About Dating Younger Men

If you’re answer is to not feel lonely, then you haven’t done the work. However, if you have and are ready to experience some “new” things in your life, then you should be open to “dating’ a variety of men. Don’t you want to see what’s out there? Discover who you’re attracted to now as a sexier, mature woman?

Something that all women should consider is this new statistic that emerged not too long ago, 1/3 of women over 40 are now dating younger men. Men have been dating and marrying women 10-15 and even 20 years younger, so we too, should test the waters and see what a younger man can offer. I can see a few raised eyebrows as well as some women thinking “what’s a younger man interested in an older woman for?” Well, Rapunzel, let you hair down and come down from the ivory tower and take a look at what you may be missing out on.

Simply stated, a younger man is great for one’s ego. Being appreciated as a woman for all that you are and all that you’ve learned and all that you’ve become, that’s what many younger men will be attracted to.

Always keeping things in perspective, I am not suggesting moving in or getting into a serious relationship, but simply begin being open to encountering younger men and to relish in a truly indulgent experience. You can have a date or two, see if you have things in common, see his qualities, his maturity (remember, age does not bring maturity) and see if he fits into what you’re looking for right now.

Think of those words “right now”. Most of us miss out on experiencing Mr. Right Now, because they’re so wrapped up in seeking Mr. Right. Ladies, I am sure you’ve realized that Mr. Right is not around the corner, nor is he going to knock on you’re door in a suit of shining amour (yes, I still get a lot of women that harbor that dream in my coaching sessions).

In the real world, suits are a little tarnished and used, which is known as experience and isn’t that what has made us into who we are today?

Younger vs. Older:

Younger men won’t expect you to cook/clean and take care of them, older men do!
Younger men won’t gasp at the use of condoms; many older men get “offended” when you mention the word “condom” (they figure you should “trust” them) Ladies, when it comes to you’re well being, never don’t fall for the old line “I’ve only been with….”

Younger men are open to new experiences; many older men are too set in their ways.

Convinced? Ok, all I ask is that you start smiling with younger men and see the response, if nothing else; the smile they give you back will elevate your morale.