About Bad First Dates

Some bad first dates have unexpected events that are out of our control. However, here are some first date ideas that may minimize problems that can occur. Avoid the following for a first date:

Expensive restaurants

A multiple course meal at an expensive restaurant can become agonizing if five minutes into the evening you wish you had never agreed to go out with this person. Go to a coffee house, or, if you must go to dinner, pick a cheap, but cozy out-of-the-way place that is relatively quiet so you can talk. Come in separate cars.

Family and Friends

Do not take the person to meet your parents, children, or friends on a first date. Parties are not a good idea either, if your date does not know anyone there. You need a place where you can talk, but is public, so you can leave if you need to.

Movies, noisy restaurants, and crowded bars

These are not good venues for conversation. You either can’t talk, or you can’t be heard, depending on which of the three you choose.

Sitting still

Women like to sit and talk, gaze into someone’s eyes, and share. Men like doing activities. Strive for a balance of physical activity and sitting. A walk in the park and a picnic; or a trip to the zoo and a quiet dinner are possibilities. Roller skating, tennis, dancing, fishing, or hiking can all be followed by going to a coffee house or an ice cream parlor.


Never talk about your exes on a first date–especially to complain about them. There is no greater turn off. Furthermore, it’s a big red flag that you are not over them.