Wonderful Dating Experience

– Maintain a Good Attitude

Your attitude is an important ingredient in your dating success. Whether you are looking for love online or in the physical world, your attitude is one of the most forgotten dating tips. Your attitude about how you treat yourself and others to treat you permeates through everything you do. It doesn’t matter if you are writing an email, talking over the phone or on a date at a local coffee house, who you are and your attitude speaks volumes to your potential mate.

– Be Yourself

To be yourself is one of easiest, yet hardest, dating tips to apply. Being yourself is critical to ensuring that you give yourself every possible chance to meet your life partner. Being yourself means not pretending to be something you are not and being confident enough to be completely honest and genuine with your date. Honesty is the key to forming lasting relationships and no relationship should start based on a bed of lies and half truths. And you’ll have a much more pleasant evening on your date too!

If you have done that, you also have to understand that every date is unique. Every potential mate is unique. And your expectations are unique. Judge each situation with merit and follow your heart and your instinct. Finding your ideal mate is not impossible but it does take a little work. Following a few straightforward dating tips can help you navigate the road to love success.

Gain Her Trust From The Start

1. Trust Without Attraction = “He’s a great friend and I love him to death!” (Translation: “We’ll NEVER have sex!”)

2. Attraction Without Trust = “I’m not a loose woman. He’ll have to wait before he gets any!”

However, if the woman has both attraction AND trust for the guy, she’ll be literally begging you to take her home with you that night.

Let’s take a typical scenario. Say it’s coming up on 11 PM, and you’ve been with a woman since 6 that afternoon. As long as you’ve had good rapport with her and you’ve kept pushing the interaction forward, you can assume she’s attracted to you.

And by the way, with a woman, you should always assume attraction until proven otherwise. Because the bottom line is that as long as you’ve got good body language, you’ve got a lot going on in your life, and you’re witty and interesting, she WILL be attracted to you.

Now you need to build trust. By the time you finish this article, you’ll know an easy, efficient way to do that.

And by the way, this is a one of the best-kept secrets of human persuasion. The most successful advertisers and salesmen to make billions use it, and now you’ll be able to use it with women.

Have you ever noticed how ads will sometimes mention minor defects in the products? A famous example of this was the wildly success Volkswagen Beetle ads from 30 years ago that had the huge headline: “Lemon.”

The point of the ad was that not all of their cars were perfect. VW took its quality inspections so seriously that it took note of even small weaknesses in the builds of its cars.

You see, if a person tells you something that’s against his self-interest, you tend to trust him more. We all do. It’s a fundamental trait of human psychology.

So when it comes to women, you should point out your minor flaws and vulnerabilities. Examples could be:

– “I have a mole on my neck. Sometimes I feel self-conscious about it.”

– “I had to give a speech last week and felt so nervous!”

– “I don’t always floss my teeth even though I should.”

Stuck In A Rut About Dating

1. Do not fall into the trap of believing you have no other choices in life.

Don’t keep doing what you are doing, and make the rut a little deeper each day.

2. Do have hobbies and fun activities.

Laugh, enjoy what you are doing, or find something that might give you the energy to start your day with enthusiasm.

3. Do learn to make yourself happy.

Don’t do the following: complain a lot, wear a furrowed brow, rush to everything you have to do, spend very little time with old friends, and be afraid to reach out to new people. Don’t stay isolated or you will feel more alone and you will wind up staying at the office, working longer hours.

4. Do get help if you are miserable.

As an intelligent, accomplished person, you probably think that you should know how to figure out your own problems, right?

Stop and realize that if you were ill, you would have to make time to take every measure to get well.

Why not take the time BEFORE you might feel sick and heal your withered spirit? Make a pact with someone that you will meet them for a dance class, gym workout, bicycling break, rock climbing experience, volley ball, basketball, Frisbee in the park, or a game of horseshoes. Do just one fun activity outside of your normal routine and notice the difference in your energy.

About Bad First Dates

Some bad first dates have unexpected events that are out of our control. However, here are some first date ideas that may minimize problems that can occur. Avoid the following for a first date:

Expensive restaurants

A multiple course meal at an expensive restaurant can become agonizing if five minutes into the evening you wish you had never agreed to go out with this person. Go to a coffee house, or, if you must go to dinner, pick a cheap, but cozy out-of-the-way place that is relatively quiet so you can talk. Come in separate cars.

Family and Friends

Do not take the person to meet your parents, children, or friends on a first date. Parties are not a good idea either, if your date does not know anyone there. You need a place where you can talk, but is public, so you can leave if you need to.

Movies, noisy restaurants, and crowded bars

These are not good venues for conversation. You either can’t talk, or you can’t be heard, depending on which of the three you choose.

Sitting still

Women like to sit and talk, gaze into someone’s eyes, and share. Men like doing activities. Strive for a balance of physical activity and sitting. A walk in the park and a picnic; or a trip to the zoo and a quiet dinner are possibilities. Roller skating, tennis, dancing, fishing, or hiking can all be followed by going to a coffee house or an ice cream parlor.


Never talk about your exes on a first date–especially to complain about them. There is no greater turn off. Furthermore, it’s a big red flag that you are not over them.