Finding Asian Girl Online

When a person searches for true love, they must not have any assumptions. If you desire the pure love of an Asian girl, then you must also throw away all stereotypes that you may have about Asian girls – that they are submissive, docile, naive, too eager to please, and whatever else.

Since love is never expressed in a cookie-cut design, remember that your true love, the Asian girl of your dreams, who will rescue you from this abominable and inescapable trap of single white females, will perhaps be un-accepting of your previous judgments and stereotypes you have come to know and believe.

Just so I am perfectly clear, I have dated American women, and they are wonderful human beings for whom I have no ill feelings whatsoever.

That previous statement about the trap of single white females was merely an exaggeration of the impression I received from your comments on American females.

As I was taught, assumptions and stereotypes can destroy a relationship and sometimes prevent them before they even begin. I learned it was not fair for me to say that every Asian girl I date will be exactly as the first love in my life, who was indeed Asian.

Perhaps I am speaking of things you have already come to understand, and I have no intentions of insulting your intelligence, or that any American females either.

True love comes with complete honesty and open heart. And the only word of advice which I still have failed to completely grasp is that any woman – Asian, American, Latvian, etc.,
hates to hear about your past relationships.

Women in general never like it when you bring up an ex. In rare cases, a few may accept it as an opening up. Yeah, I know what I just said may sound like a generalization, but wouldn’t you also dislike hearing about a girl’s ex-boyfriend(s)? Maybe not, but…that goes without saying…don’t generalize either.

In no way am I the perfect male. I do my best to reveal who I am and being honest with the one I love, and at the same time, be honest with myself. You are well on the path of finding and understanding true love.

I commend you greatly for writing your experiences as you have. It relates to many, many, many men out there who do not have the courage to come out and have their own life written out on a website such as yourself.

About Dating Younger Men

If you’re answer is to not feel lonely, then you haven’t done the work. However, if you have and are ready to experience some “new” things in your life, then you should be open to “dating’ a variety of men. Don’t you want to see what’s out there? Discover who you’re attracted to now as a sexier, mature woman?

Something that all women should consider is this new statistic that emerged not too long ago, 1/3 of women over 40 are now dating younger men. Men have been dating and marrying women 10-15 and even 20 years younger, so we too, should test the waters and see what a younger man can offer. I can see a few raised eyebrows as well as some women thinking “what’s a younger man interested in an older woman for?” Well, Rapunzel, let you hair down and come down from the ivory tower and take a look at what you may be missing out on.

Simply stated, a younger man is great for one’s ego. Being appreciated as a woman for all that you are and all that you’ve learned and all that you’ve become, that’s what many younger men will be attracted to.

Always keeping things in perspective, I am not suggesting moving in or getting into a serious relationship, but simply begin being open to encountering younger men and to relish in a truly indulgent experience. You can have a date or two, see if you have things in common, see his qualities, his maturity (remember, age does not bring maturity) and see if he fits into what you’re looking for right now.

Think of those words “right now”. Most of us miss out on experiencing Mr. Right Now, because they’re so wrapped up in seeking Mr. Right. Ladies, I am sure you’ve realized that Mr. Right is not around the corner, nor is he going to knock on you’re door in a suit of shining amour (yes, I still get a lot of women that harbor that dream in my coaching sessions).

In the real world, suits are a little tarnished and used, which is known as experience and isn’t that what has made us into who we are today?

Younger vs. Older:

Younger men won’t expect you to cook/clean and take care of them, older men do!
Younger men won’t gasp at the use of condoms; many older men get “offended” when you mention the word “condom” (they figure you should “trust” them) Ladies, when it comes to you’re well being, never don’t fall for the old line “I’ve only been with….”

Younger men are open to new experiences; many older men are too set in their ways.

Convinced? Ok, all I ask is that you start smiling with younger men and see the response, if nothing else; the smile they give you back will elevate your morale.

Info of Learn To Attract Women

The ability to be a man is quite to difficult to learn, be it in school, from friends, or even asking women for advice!

We, as men have been denied how to be men and this usually results in 1 of 2 behaviours in men:

1. A nice guy who always gets walked all over, always put up with any type humiliation, and does nothing about it.


2. Men that become jerky due to their pasts with women, and will hurt women in the process.

Incidentally the jerk will always get the girl over the nice guy, simply as he knows how to demonstrate strength, however the jerk never lasts with women as he ends up making countless heartbroken enemies in women.

Neither being a jerk or nice guy bodes well with us men.

Be More Romantic

1) Dress up once in a while and go somewhere fancy.

2) Hire a limo.

3) One word: Flowers (for either a male or a female).
4) Wear good cologne/perfume.

5) Send a card just because.

6) Light a fire in the fireplace, if you have one, or a bonfire on a beach, if it is legal.

7) Light candles–and lots of them.

8) Put on soft music. We recommend classical, jazz or instrumental. (This doesn’t mean playing acid rock softly.)

9) Make dinner and serve it on the good china.

10) Go to a restaurant that has a pianist, violinist, cellist, etc.

11) Turn off your cell phone and pager during your date.

12) Use a softer, indoor voice and say sweet things.

13) Cuddle.

14) Read poetry together.

15) Go to the symphony, ballet, or whenever your partner wants to go.

16) Go ballroom dancing.

17) Don’t mention sports, the kids, work or any kind of troubles for the whole evening.

18) Take a carriage ride.

19) Take an incline ride or a trolley ride, if your city has one, and view all the city lights at night.

20) Take a river cruise or a boat ride for no special occasion.